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Results are the priority here at the office of Advanced Dental Care. That may sound obvious, but going through the motions is of no value. For example, if you brush your teeth incorrectly, you’re not getting any benefit. Our Tallahassee dentist, Dr. Ralph D. Montalvo, provides an array of services focused on results so that you can have the best chance for having strong, healthy teeth free of cavities and vibrant, pink, disease-free gums.

It’s a simple equation, really: to the extent you come in on a six month schedule for an oral examination and teeth cleaning, the less the likelihood is that you will need fillings, root canal, tooth extractions, or gum treatments. Of course, it is not possible to eliminate those possibilities 100%, but why not take every opportunity to do so? The above are all procedures that our Tallahassee dentist performs with the utmost of expertise and gentle care. When you do have a cavity, feel assured that our fillings will restore your tooth’s protective barrier and for those teeth that show when you smile, they’ll look great thanks to tooth-colored materials. Crowns are also made tooth-colored, and they are ideal for strengthening a tooth that has become badly decayed, or one that is chipped or cracked. Lost teeth are replaced by our Tallahassee dentist with a bridge or dentures, depending on various factors, including your preferences. Similar to how crowns cover up cosmetic concerns, so do veneers, but they are placed over the fronts of your teeth and are more suitable for addressing multiple teeth. You can also take advantage of our in-office or take-home whitening treatments for transforming your smile from a stained or discolored one to a bright and attractive one. Additional services offered include: sedation dentistry, snoring appliances, TMJ treatments.

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